Enrich your benefit package with employee-paid and owned benefit options

Benefits costs have steadily been on the rise for years. Benefits make up as much as 40% of an employee’s total compensation package. The rising cost of benefits makes it difficult for employers to offer a complete benefits package without breaking the bank. It leaves employers struggling to choose which benefits will fit the majority of employees’ needs. It’s a big dilemma for employers everywhere.

What if you could offer your employees a range of optional benefits at affordable group rates? What if those benefits were wholly paid for by the employee? Sound too good to be true?

Consider the possibility of voluntary benefits to supplement your current benefit offerings. Voluntary benefits are offered through an employer but paid for by the employee through payroll deferral.

Here’s how it works:

  • Employers choose from a wide range of plans available to supplement their current benefits package. Choices include universal life insurance products, disability insurance, accident coverage, or critical illness insurance.
  • During your enrollment period, an Enrollment Specialist visits your worksite location to explain these options to your employees. They will answer questions through individual enrollment sessions.
  • Each employee elects to participate in whichever plans they feel will complete their benefits package. There is no pressure to enroll in any program. It’s entirely up to them!
  • We work with your organization to deduct premiums from employee’s paychecks for added convenience. Should the employee ever leave your organization, they can opt to continue paying the premium directly to keep coverage.

If you would like to offer more benefits to your employees without subtracting from your bottom line – we’d love to talk to you. Call us today to discuss plan options or receive quotes on any of our products.